Oscar schmoscar

Who cares about the Academy Awards? Certainly not me. I have found almost no mainstream films in the last 5 years that appeal to me.

Case in point: I watched Sideways earlier this month while flying home from Europe. I felt no sympathy for either of the pathetic characters, and I could barely focus on the movie.

And this is the best of what’s out there. Everything else is even worse.

Don’t think that I’m just a snob. I watch plenty of mainstream TV shows. As I’ve written before, I’m rather addicted to The Amazing Race, Survivor, and The Apprentice. There’s plenty of TV entertainment that interests me, but virtually nothing in the movie theaters or on DVD.

Another reason why I love TiVo.

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2 Comments on “Oscar schmoscar”

  1. NS Says:

    Airplanes can ruin just about any movie, and this one did rely very much on sound. I’m not saying that you would have loved it in the theaters, but you would have liked it more. Hotel Rwanda, Eternal Sunshine, two very good movies in the past year.

  2. NS Says:

    Funny – I’ve felt really good about movies in this period of time, and have pretty much stopped watching TV, only rented movies. When I feel antsy, I just go catch a flick, and feel much happier. Every now and then I watch some TV, but except the Simpsons, I don’t miss it much. Not even the Food Channel tickles my fancy any more.

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