Join the audio revolution!

As many of you know, I am an audiophile. I love music and high-end audio.

Now, I have taken the plunge to go fully digital. I did some blind AB testing over the last few weeks, and I cannot reliably distinguish between the original source material and 320kbs mp3s. I’m very impressed.

Now I’m moving everything into digital. I have started to convert every CD I own into high-resolution mp3s — I have converted over 100 so far. Eventually, all my CDs will be put into storage in the closet. I bought an Apple AirPort Express to stream audio via AirTunes from the computer to the stereo, which I connect via an optical digital connection. I’m rediscoverig all sorts of recordings that I have forgotten over the years. I have replaced my well-loved Cary tube amplifier with a Sony AVD-S500ES digital receiver, which does all amplification in the digital domain.

And my darling wife is getting me an iPod for my birthday.

This is the future of audio, folks. Forget SACD, DVD-Audio. People are voting with their wallets for the convenience of iPods.

It’s very fun.

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2 Comments on “Join the audio revolution!”

  1. NS Says:

    You have an apple?

    And you’re giving up the vacuum tubes after a decade? Don’t they produce a softer rounder sound?

  2. greg Says:

    1. You can run an AirPort Express with Windows networks. That’s what I’m doing.

    2. Yes, I’m giving them up, but the soundstaging of the new digital drive amps really gives the same quality of soundstage at much greater clarity. There is a small price in terms of the liquid sound, but the increase in clarity makes it worthwhile.

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