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More news coming

April 10, 2007

Was traveling most of last week, hope to post more soon…


Welcome back to Weight Watchers

February 6, 2007

A while back, I posted that it isn’t hard to lose weight. Well, it isn’t hard to gain it, either. I’ve managed to regain half of my losses from 2000-01. Why? Because I fell into the trap of thinking that I know all the rules and that I’m smart enough to keep the weight off. (Isn’t this the same thinking used by drug addicts?). Anyway, the good news is that I also know what it took to lose the weight in the past. Here is where Weight Watchers gets it right. No gimmicks. No pseudoscience. It’s simply a program to ensure you eat less than you require, while giving you the education to understand your nutritional and emotional needs. It’s not a diet, but a lifelong change in your habits. That’s why it works in the long-term.

Depending on the kindness of strangers

December 1, 2006

In my haste to board a flight this week, I did not notice that my computer did not shutdown properly. After takeoff, I discovered that it was still running and the battery was nearly depleted. I turned to the gentleman next to me and asked him if he had a similar model Dell, and he said yes. Next, I asked him if he was planning to use it during the flight, and he said no. Finally, I asked if I could borrow his battery, and he said yes. His simple generosity was truly appreciated. Thank you, sir, wherever you may be.

Glad to be in the 19%

September 21, 2006

Average Home Has More TVs Than People: “Half of American homes have three or more TVs, and only 19 percent have just one.” Of course, we do have five computers for two adults and one preschooler.

Tastes like chicken?

September 8, 2006

I don’t understand why people care so much about boneless, skinless chicken breasts. They have so little flavor that you have to work very hard to make them taste good — brining, rubs, marinades, sauces. And you have to be extremely careful to prevent them from drying out. Tastes like chicken? No, they taste incredibly bland.

These days, I use chicken thighs in most of my recipes. They have so much more flavor and they hold up better in sauces. I still grill chicken breasts, but only with the bone in. A lot of flavor gets lost if you remove the bone.

Thanks, Uncle Joe

May 1, 2006

While doing my weekly shopping at my local Trader Joe’s, I saw signs for a new contest — use a reusable grocery bag, and you can enter the weekly drawing for a $50 gift card plus a grocery bag. Well, I just got a call that I won this week’s contest! I’m not an activist environmentalist, but I have made the small changes necessary to reduce, reuse and recycle. The prize is a nice bonus.

If it ain’t broke, it’s OK

January 30, 2006

Yesterday, I finally realized that I have zero tolerance in life when something I rely on is broken, even slightly. I don’t like when computers malfunction, cars break down, broadband isn’t available, video recorders don’t record your program, etc. This does not apply to things I don’t rely on. For example, I tolerate dropped calls from a mobile phone because I view it as a toy that complements my regular telephone.

It was one of those moments where I had a deep understanding about my personality.