No need for an internal optical drive in laptops

I think it’s time to eliminate the internal CD/DVD drive on laptops.

Ask yourself: when was the last time you needed your CD/DVD drive when you were away from your home or office? For me, it’s been years. Yet I’m carrying a drive around because it’s built-into nearly every laptop.

Install software? If you’re not doing it via the web, chances are that you wait until you return to the office and use an external optical drive. Sharing files via sneaker-net? A USB flash drive is faster, smaller and reusable. Ripping CDs? Again, something that you’re doing at home or work, not while away. Making backups? Even a Blu-Ray burner can’t fit much content these days – better to use an external hard drive.

A friend suggested I look at a netbook. Sorry, I don’t want a toy computer. I want something more powerful. But I have no need to carry an optical drive with me.

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2 Comments on “No need for an internal optical drive in laptops”

  1. GBK Gwyneth Says:

    I have had my AirBook for a year and have only used the external superdrive 2x. I’m happy not to haul the drive with me….

  2. frank Says:

    I would prefer to have it. My current home setup is two laptops, no desktop at all. If I want to rip a CD, it’s from a laptop.

    The second laptop – the one I use most often – is set up with Ubuntu and I’d rather have a recovery disk than try to install/boot up from a flash drive if need be. Yes, I install the latest OS from the web twice per year but I like having the original 8.10 version available.

    I also sometimes exchange photos with family members by CD. Personal preference to use a CD over a flash drive because it’s permanent. Again, I couldn’t do that with my current setup.

    I know someone who travels a lot who uses his drive to play movies. Don’t think he’d like to give that up.

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