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There’s more to tech

March 28, 2009

For years, I’ve been listening to This Week in Tech. Once, I sat next to Leo Laporte on a flight from Toronto to San Francisco, and I showed him that I had the latest episode of This Week in Tech on my iPod.

Sadly, the show has gone downhill. My wife – a savvy tech grrrrl – stopped listening years ago. And I am quickly losing interest. First, the commercials are becoming painfully long – around 5 minutes for a single spot. I realize that Laporte needs to earn money from the shows, but I have been a paid subscriber for years. Why should I be subjected to the commercials as well?

But the bigger problem is the content. First, I now realize that they don’t talk about technology. They ignore the business market. They only talk about consumer electronics and “web 2.0” sites. For example, they talk about how how the iPhone has killed Windows Mobile. Sorry, but Windows Mobile (and Blackberry) are the tools of choice for big business. No matter how wonderful the iPhone may be, it has nearly no market share inside big business. Whether or not that will change is worthy of discussion, but the panelists have a fundamental misunderstanding of the market.

And it gets worse. Now all they talk about is Twitter, Twitter, Twitter. I use and enjoy Twitter, but there’s far more to technology than a 140-character messaging system. Especially one that has no source of revenue.

I’m getting tired of hearing the guys talk on and on about the size of their … Twitter follower lists. I agree with John C. Dvorak that this is a dull and tired topic. In fact, I think his daily Tech5 podcast is much better; Dvorak seems to be much better informed about the industry as a whole. Especially now that This Week in Tech panelists include actors and others who have a narrow perspective on the technology industry.

If things don’t improve with This Week in Tech, I may stop making a donation. I think my local NPR station could put the money to better use.