What it takes to launch a site

You may or may not know that I’m working on two startups right now. The first launched today: EstiMike, a simple and straightforward way for estimating the price of a home.

What’s interesting is how these startups are getting built. I created EstiMike working all alone. I negotiated a contract with my data provider, I hired an artist to develop the mascot, and I coded the website. With just a small investment, I think I have created a pretty useful tool.

Now compare this with other websites that provide real estate information. According to CrunchBase, Zillow received $87 million in funding; Roost recently received $13.5 million.

Now, these sites are far more ambitious than my simple EstiMike site. But my point is that it doesn’t require an large staff and millions of dollars to create a useful website. It can still be created by one guy with an idea.

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One Comment on “What it takes to launch a site”

  1. Hi Greg,

    Nicely done. We did something similar with DiscoverAfrica.com. Granted, we have a fair bit of work to do, before we launch the full version of the website, but as far as a “under construction” page with a useful tool goes, we are pretty happy with what we’ve achieved for http://www.DiscoverAfrica.com.

    Also – have a look at the competition we are running for the launch of our website: http://www.DiscoverAfrica.com/win

    We need to get this competition in front of the eyes of bloggers. Anyone know where would be a good place to promote this competition of ours?


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