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My predictions for MWSF 2009

December 8, 2008

Seems like everyone has some predictions for Macworld Expo, so here are mine:

  • Apple refreshes the desktop computers – iMac, Mac Pro and Mac Mini – and makes the Mini DisplayPort the standard video connection. All other monitors will require a $29 adaptor.
  • Apple replaces the Cinema Displays with new LED models that are similar to the new 23″ LED Cinema Displays. Like the current LED model, they all have speakers, an iSight camera and use the DisplayPort adaptor.
  • Steve Jobs shows demos of Snow Leopard and gives a shipment date of early summer

These predictions are simply my educated guess. I have no sources at Apple. And if I did, I’d really love a MacBook Air with 128GB SSD…

Why people hate Microsoft

December 2, 2008

I’ve been working for months on developing a web application. One of my design goals is for the application to run in virtually any web browser – Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera. So I frequently test the application using a variety of browsers.

About two months ago, I discovered a bug in Internet Explorer 8 beta 2. I spent hours documenting the problem and posted a simple example to the discussion forums. Within minutes, I got a response. The person from Microsoft didn’t bother to look at my example, but he told me that all web browsers have bugs.

Instead of thanking me for my hours of time that I spent isolating the problem, I got a rude and condescending answer. After I complained, another person eventually responded and showed me that this bug was already registered in Microsoft’s bug tracking system. (Though they haven’t acknowledged when or if it will be fixed).

Today, I found a second bug. It’s very obscure: when you go from one page to another, some specialized graphics don’t get displayed properly. They do display correctly if you refresh the second page or if you go to it immediately. This bug was so obscure that it took me nearly the whole day to isolate the precise problem and write a simple example.

Again, I posted my example to the Microsoft discussion forums. And I got another condescending response: go read the FAQs. This didn’t address my question, and it shows that no one has bothered to take the 2 minutes to test my example. Nevermind that I spent hours to find the bug.

In both cases, I did an extensive diagnosis and posted a succinct example to Microsoft – about a dozen lines of code (isolated from my 1000+ line subroutine). My thanks? An obnoxious attitude.

Doesn’t make me want to help them in the future.

And they wonder why people hate them.