Smart phones are a lousy input device

Having owned a Treo 270, then a Treo 650 and now an iPhone, I believe that the smart phones are miserable as input devices. Ever try to write an email longer than a couple of lines? Very frustrating. Then why do software developers continue to write applications that require you to type and type and type on the devices? Why not interface with a computer and sync the relevant information – either directly or via the internet?

My computer has a great screen, a nice keyboard and a useful mouse. No smart phone will ever be that powerful.

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One Comment on “Smart phones are a lousy input device”

  1. Naunihal Says:

    One could avoid inputting one character at a time if one could, for example, cut and paste šŸ˜‰
    You never liked the tiny two thumb keyboards? People seem to be able to type a moderate amount on them …

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