iPhone 3G: Is it cheaper?

Today, Apple announced the much awaited iPhone 3G: an update to the iPhone that supports the faster 3G data network.

They also announced a $200 price cut. Or did they?

MacRumors reports the new 3G data plan will cost $10 per month more than the original iPhone data plan. (And the new business data plan is even more expensive). Since an iPhone requires a 24-month contract, this means that the new 3G iPhone will cost $40 more than the original iPhone over the lifetime of the contract.

Seems to me that this important detail was conveniently ignored during today’s product announcement. The reality distortion field at work!

I think I’ll keep my original iPhone for now.

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One Comment on “iPhone 3G: Is it cheaper?”

  1. Greg Says:

    In fact, if you consider the SMS fees, Tidbits reports that the iPhone 3G is actually $160 more expensive! But you heard it here first!

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