Disk fetish

I’ll admit it: I have a disk fetish. In my home office, we have 2.5 TB of storage. In our home theater, we have nearly 1 TB of storage. Add in a laptop, a few iPods, and we have nearly 4 TB of storage in total.

Why so much? First, I am obsessed with backups. About 10 days before the defense of my doctoral dissertation, my laptop died. Because I was careful with backups, I simply purchased a new computer and restored all my research from the backup.

Second, we have fully embraced digital multimedia – we record videos with an HD TiVo, I store years of digital photos, and I have digitized all our audio recordings for the computer and iPods.

But every time I buy a new hard drive, my dear wife’s eyes roll… (Like the 2 TB I purchased this weekend.)

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2 Comments on “Disk fetish”

  1. Greg Says:

    It gets worse – now we have close to 6TB. Maybe I should buy some stock in disk drive manufacturers…

  2. […] computer failure. With this in mind, the action that would protect against all of these events is offsite backup for our computer data.  – Greg Glockner, […]

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