First system compromised by hackers is a Mac

There’s an excellent article yesterday on TidBITS: Apple Becomes First Victim In Hacking Contest. This story indicates several things:

  1. The Mac is not more secure than Windows Vista or Ubuntu Linux
  2. One reason why there aren’t more security attacks on the Mac is that hackers aren’t targeting this small community
  3. Vista did accomplish Microsoft’s goals of being much more secure than Windows XP, though it really suffers in terms of performance and usability

All in all, I really agree with points 2 and 3. (I hope to post my experience with Vista soon). I’m still happy to have a Mac, and I don’t feel less secure today. But the Mac fanboys can stop being so smug.

Going one step further, this raises security concerns for Apple Safari for Windows. Especially since Apple now pushes Safari to Windows users who have iTunes.

Comparing security for Mac versus Windows reminds me of the question: Why do people rob banks? Because that’s where the money is.

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