Remember the last time you turned on a brand-new PC? Chances are, it was filled with demos, trials and other kinds of ‘free’ software: audio software, photo editors, instant messaging, AOL, etc. Why? Because the software publishers pay to bundle their programs with new computers.

Savvy users start by removing all the junkware from a new PC. Why? Because the junkware takes up valuable disk space and frequently slows down the computer. Today, I read that Sony will now sell you a PC without junkware, for $50 extra. Now we know how much we are worth to advertisers. How amusing.

Apple fanatics gloat that their (err, our) Macs don’t come with junkware. Except that Macs ship with Microsoft Office Test Drive

Unless you build-it-yourself or go with Linux, I think we’re all stuck with trial software.

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