No legal alternative

While I was away on a recent vacation, there was a service interruption from our cable TV, so our normally reliable TiVo failed to record two important shows. First, I checked the program guide, but neither episode was scheduled to be broadcast again. Next, I checked the iTunes store, but neither program was available for sale. Finally, I checked the networks’ websites, but they did not offer the episodes for streaming or for downloading. With no alternatives, I scoured the internet for unauthorized copies. Each took days to download, followed by hours to convert into a format that I could show on the TV. A big nuisance.

I was willing to pay money to download the program. I was willing to record another broadcast with commercials. But there was no legal alternative. And the TV networks lost a revenue opportunity.

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2 Comments on “No legal alternative”

  1. frank Says:

    I assume you checked the actual network site? Sometimes they’ve got the latest episodes. Some cable companies also have video on demand that will store recent episodes for playback anytime.

    I don’t have cable at all. DirecTV doesn’t have nearly the outages of cable. But TiVo is problematic; you really need to use their DVR.

  2. Greg Says:


    TiVo is rock solid, as opposed to the DirecTV DVR. Although I preferred satellite to cable in terms of value, the decision to switch to cable was based on TiVo. For what it’s worth, this has been the only outage since getting cable.

    As for downloading the programs through legal means, there was no source. They were not available through iTunes. And the networks’ websites had supplemental material but not the programs themselves. There was really no option. More importantly, the networks lost a revenue opportunity. I would have gladly paid a modest fee to download an authorized copy. But that simply was not available.

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