Amen, brother Walt

I couldn’t have said it better myself: Walt Mossberg of the Wall Street Journal rails against the closed ecosystem of the mobile phone business. “Cellphone carriers tell us what phones we can use, and what software and services can be offered on those phones. Consumers deserve better.” I normally take Mossberg with a large grain of salt since he is frequently the house organ for Apple Inc. But “Goatberg” got it 100% right this time. Full article from the Wall Street Journal.

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2 Comments on “Amen, brother Walt”

  1. NS Says:

    And yet … the iPhone is one of the worst closed ecologies since not only are you stuck with a single carrier, but (until the SDK comes out) you’re also prevented from using non-Apple apps. Even after, Apple is worse than MS in terms of tolerating outsiders on its turf. It’s one of the things making me hesitate about getting an iPhone.

  2. NS Says:

    “The programs that are created will then be available to iPhone users exclusively through a new service on all iPhones called the Apps Store, an aspect of the plan that may discourage some developers. Apple will keep 30 percent of the sale price.” [Link]

    Ouch. That plus his crack about tracking applications and “telling their parents” if there is something wrong makes it clear that he thinks of these apps as being created by teenagers rather than serious software developers.

    Jobs really needs to learn how to play nice.

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