Time and money?

Finally. Today is the launch of the Apple iPhone. It is supposed to be the best smartphone ever released.

And it should be, considering the purchase price starts at $499. If you include the wireless service, the purchase price starts at $1,975. And that doesn’t consider the cost of accessories.

But what baffles me is that there have been news stories of people waiting for days to purchase an iPhone. My question is: who on earth has both $2000 of discretionary money and the free time to wait in line for one or more business days?

(Ennis reminds me that the mayor of Philadelphia waited in line for an iPhone. Seems the mayor has too much time on his hands!)

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3 Comments on “Time and money?”

  1. Ennis Says:

    Well, the lines have entirely evaporated. I don’t know how the plans compare to business rate blackberry plans, but it’s possible that early adopters aren’t paying for data out of pocket (or they really don’t care). It’s starting to feel a bit like the PS3, I’m wondering how quickly the hype bubble will pop, but the fact that the lines went away so soon is not a good sign.

  2. Greg Says:

    Interesting question, but it’s off topic.

  3. Ennis Says:

    Heh. You’re a strict moderator, Gregory.

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