Hijacking the web

You may have noticed that comments have been turned off. Again. That’s because my comments have been hijacked. Again. Some bots were posting comment spam, linking to gambling and other junk sites. The last time this happened, I installed a captcha, a challenge to eliminate false posts from bots. With the latest incident of comment spam, either the bots can navigate the captcha, or someone is paying low-cost workers to post irrelevant links. Whatever the cause, it means that I have to suspend comments until I can fix the blog.

Unfortunately, this is the second recent incident I have experienced. About two weeks ago, I received some peculiar emails about ebay auctions. At first, I thought it was just spam. However, while I was receiving these emails, I was running an auction on ebay to sell an old computer. Later that week, I checked my auction and I noticed that someone had edited my listing and asked people to contact him directly to get a better price. So either someone had discovered my ebay password, or they had figured out a way to hack the ebay system. In either case, I had to contact ebay fraud, cancel the auction, and change my passwords.

I resent both cases of theft. Again, it’s sad that people have nothing better to do than steal my personal content to defraud the internet public.

Edit: The comments are now back on, since I migrated the web to WordPress.com.

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One Comment on “Hijacking the web”

  1. Yes, this kind of scam really happen in eBay. So, be careful where you log in on eBay. Avoid using public computer. If you use your own pc, install an antivirus.

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