Move to Mac

After 8 years, I have switched back to the Apple Mac for my home computer. So what’s my first impression? Overall, very positive. I have figured most things out, and gotten nice help when needed from the Genius bar at the Apple retail stores. I’m getting used to the new key combinations. Most things work as promised.

So what’s not to like? The hype. The Mac is generally stable, but it isn’t bulletproof. Apple fanatics scoff at the Windows blue screen of death, but I have twice experienced the equivalent Kernel panic. Both incidents were partially caused by user error, but neither should have triggered a complete system crash. And I agree that the spinning beachball can be annoying. So I’d give the Mac an 8 out of 10 — it’s much better than the competition, but there’s still room for improvement. Hopefully we’ll see some improvement in the upcoming Mac OS X “Leopard”.

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One Comment on “Move to Mac”

  1. Ennis Says:

    What was going wrong with the PCs? What was taking all the time to maintain, etc?

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