Danger of online taxes

A few weeks ago, I tried one of the websites where you prepare your taxes online. First problem was that there was a lot of lag from screen to screen. This is a big deal in tax programs, since they must ask all questions, many of which are not relevant. (Are you blind? A veteran? Were you affected by a natural disaster?). But later I found the real danger: I submitted one form, and the website was unavailable. I didn’t know whether they received my last information. And it took about an hour before the website was available again.

Sure, this can happen with software that runs on your own computer. But the difference is that you control the software on your own computer, so you can be sure to make the appropriate backups, etc. In this case, I had no control over the situation.

I shudder to think about tax websites in the few days before April 15.

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One Comment on “Danger of online taxes”

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