Welcome back to Weight Watchers

A while back, I posted that it isn’t hard to lose weight. Well, it isn’t hard to gain it, either. I’ve managed to regain half of my losses from 2000-01. Why? Because I fell into the trap of thinking that I know all the rules and that I’m smart enough to keep the weight off. (Isn’t this the same thinking used by drug addicts?). Anyway, the good news is that I also know what it took to lose the weight in the past. Here is where Weight Watchers gets it right. No gimmicks. No pseudoscience. It’s simply a program to ensure you eat less than you require, while giving you the education to understand your nutritional and emotional needs. It’s not a diet, but a lifelong change in your habits. That’s why it works in the long-term.

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2 Comments on “Welcome back to Weight Watchers”

  1. NS Says:

    Holy creeping waistbands, Glockman – you’re half way back? And this despite the fact that you’re eating healthier and far more active than you were when you put on the weight in high school and college. That’s scary – so common sense eating and a reasonable exercise schedule aren’t enough?

  2. greg Says:

    About half of the problem is actually related to exercise: each time I completed a marathon, I cut back my exercise regimen without cutting back on the food I ate. Again, it’s all about input and output. This time around, I’m going to change my habits.

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