%*$#&! rebate

I hate rebates. I’ve even blogged about it before. This time, I just discovered that I’m not getting a $30 mail-in rebate because I downloaded the wrong week’s form from the website. Specifically, each week the retailer offers a new mail-in rebate form. If you send the wrong week’s form, then NO REBATE FOR YOU! Is it my fault for not reading the fine print? Or do they make the process unnecessarily complex, hoping to trap another careless fool like me?

Note to self: next time you have the choice between an offer with a rebate and a slightly higher offer with no rebate, pick the slightly more expensive offer. And forget the rebates.

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One Comment on “%*$#&! rebate”

  1. NS Says:

    I got rejected b/c they said I hadn’t included the UPC symbol, and that I should send it. Except that I had, and therefore didn’t have one to send. That was ASS.

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