Today, I drove to work so that I could run a personal errand at 8am sharp. I got into the car, and sat down to make a quick phone call to a colleague. Problem was, my bluetooth speakerphone was not working. I tried resetting the phone, the speaker, pairing the devices, etc. What a pain. I eventually fixed them but not before wasting 20 minutes parked along the street. Not only did I miss my 8am errand but I got stuck in terrible rush hour traffic. In my experience, about 10% of the time I try to use a Bluetooth device, I have to reset the pairing. 90% accuracy is just not acceptable. And today I paid a large price.

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One Comment on “Toothless”

  1. NS Says:

    Useful to keep an old fashioned plug in headset (do you have a 2.5 mm jack in your Treo?) or maybe just the earbud as a backup. If you can’t fix it fast, you just switch over.

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