Apple vs. the world

As a gadget junkie, I am giddy this week with both the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and Macworld Expo. At CES, virtually every electronics manufacturer shows their new products to dealers and the press. At Macworld Expo, Apple Computer Inc. showcases their new products. What amuses me is the announcement yesterday about the iPhone. This one announcement trumped all other news from CES. The announcement was so large that it triggered a stock selloff in smartphone competitors Research In Motion (Blackberry) and Palm.

Forget all other electronics manufacturers — Apple is now the center of the electronics universe. They don’t need to go to Consumer Electronics Show. Apple can change the business alone.

(No, dear, I don’t want an iPhone. Besides which, I’m still deeply in gadget debt due to my latest toy. And as announced at CES, it is now obsolete.)

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One Comment on “Apple vs. the world”

  1. Amy G Says:

    I am not worried. The iPhone isn’t available until July anyway. By then you will find something else you have to have. 🙂

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