GPS: More dangerous than a cell phone

Yesterday, I finally took the plunge and purchased a automotive GPS. I now understand why they have a “feature” that prevents you from entering anything while in motion: the GPS is extremely distracting. I think it’s much worse than a mobile phone. At least with a mobile phone, I know where the buttons are, so I can push the buttons without looking at the device. But my new GPS has just one button to control the power. Everything else is controlled via a touch-screen, and there is NO safe way you can enter something on the touch-screen while driving. At least it provides spoken directions and a large screen, so once you setup the system it requires minimal interaction.

Note to self: NEVER operate the GPS controls while driving. Life is too short.

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2 Comments on “GPS: More dangerous than a cell phone”

  1. bcj. Says:

    I find myself getting distracted by touch screens IN OTHER PEOPLE’S CARS while I’m driving. Nevermind the kids movies playing in the back of the minivans cruising down the highway. But nothing tops the LCD screens in the visors of both the driver’s side and passenger’s side front seats in one car I saw. I guess you have to have SOMETHING to do when you’re driving…besides driving, of course.

  2. Colin Says:

    Hi Greg, saw your question about the 8GB card for your nuvi on the gpspassion site. I have the same question. Did you try the 8GB card? I’d love to know if it worked.

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