Glad to be in the 19%

Average Home Has More TVs Than People: “Half of American homes have three or more TVs, and only 19 percent have just one.” Of course, we do have five computers for two adults and one preschooler.

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3 Comments on “Glad to be in the 19%”

  1. Amy G Says:

    For the record, the broken computer without the hard drive does not really count. We only have four.

  2. bcj. Says:

    We’re capped at 2 TVs. Somebody at work was bragging about having 5 TVs…why? But yeah, computers…let’s see…5. 2 adults. All functional (the adults, too).

  3. greg Says:

    I’ve got a pair of drives in a box somewhere, along with a pretty good CD-RW drive. So I could revive the 5th computer into a functional Celeron 400MHz. Not very useful, but it might be OK for kiddie games.

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