Solving the electric crisis

As we face another threat of blackouts in California, I have realized realized a real opportunity for power savings. Many computer data centers are excessively air conditioned, and California has many, especially in Silicon Valley. Most computer equipment is designed to work properly up to 100F. Even with a wide margin for error, computer centers need not be cooled to 65F or lower. So instead, turn up the thermostats and add fans to circulate the air and prevent hotspots. Businesses will reap the savings, and we’ll all rest easier.

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2 Comments on “Solving the electric crisis”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I’m all for that. I think restaurants in particular are way too cold in the summer … movie theatres too. I wear pants if I know I’m going to both even if it’s 90 outside.

  2. greg Says:

    Good point. There are many buildings — particularly offices — that are cooled so much that you need to wear a sweater in summertime. You could set the thermostat to 74 and everyone would be comfortable.

    And with a computer center, you can actually make it warmer than most people like, and the computers won’t complain one bit (pun intended).

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