The end of bias on NPR?

A few days ago, I was listening to National Palestinian Public Radio, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear how they accurately described the Israel conflicts. Instead of describing Israeli attacks as aggressive acts to free the kidnapped soldiers, the news reporter said that Israel had attacked Gaza and Lebanon in retaliation for the hundreds of rockets that have been launched towards Israel. A few more accurate reports like that and I might consider reinstating my generous donations to NPR.

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One Comment on “The end of bias on NPR?”

  1. You know who ... Says:

    Actually, Gregory, I think that the incursion into Lebanon came before Hezbollah fired any rockets. Here’s a timeline from AFP:
    Wednesday, July 12: Hezbollah captures two Israeli soldiers and kills eight, prompting first Israeli ground operation into Lebanon since its 2000 pullout.

    Thursday, July 13: Israeli planes bomb Beirut airport, kill at least 44 civilians in air strikes across Lebanon.

    Two Israelis are killed, more than 35 wounded by Hezbollah rockets.

    In any case, at this point Israel has attacked not just Hezbollah, but also Christian neighborhoods and the main Lebanense Army barracks (The Lebanese government hadn’t been fighting back, or wasn’t then).

    While I agree with you that Israel has a legitimate need to prevent rockets from raining on its people, I think this attack used the pretext of the kidnapped soldiers to try to root out Hezbollah, and now they’re using broad retaliation against the Lebanese state for not assisting them.

    I wish it had been a more limited effort to simply destroy the rockets. BTW, here’s what Alan Dershowitz says:

    We need a new vocabulary to reflect the realities of modern warfare. A new phrase should be introduced into the reporting and analysis of current events in the Middle East: "the continuum of civilianality." Though cumbersome, this concept aptly captures the reality and nuance of warfare today and provides a more fair way to describe those who are killed, wounded and punished.

    [Lengthy distinction then drawn between truly innocent civilians vs. civilians who support or sympathize with terrorist groups.]

    The Israeli army has given well-publicized notice to civilians to leave those areas of southern Lebanon that have been turned into war zones. Those who voluntarily remain behind have become complicit. Some — those who cannot leave on their own — should be counted among the innocent victims.

    Of course, the fact that Israel has bombed the roads and is preventing people from easily evacuating isn’t entering into his calculations.

    Honestly, this is feeling like our invasion of Iraq post 9/11. Afghanistan made sense. Iraq was part of a broader strategic plan to remake the region, and I think that is what Israel is doing.

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