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Solving the electric crisis

July 25, 2006

As we face another threat of blackouts in California, I have realized realized a real opportunity for power savings. Many computer data centers are excessively air conditioned, and California has many, especially in Silicon Valley. Most computer equipment is designed to work properly up to 100F. Even with a wide margin for error, computer centers need not be cooled to 65F or lower. So instead, turn up the thermostats and add fans to circulate the air and prevent hotspots. Businesses will reap the savings, and we’ll all rest easier.

The end of bias on NPR?

July 17, 2006

A few days ago, I was listening to National Palestinian Public Radio, and I was pleasantly surprised to hear how they accurately described the Israel conflicts. Instead of describing Israeli attacks as aggressive acts to free the kidnapped soldiers, the news reporter said that Israel had attacked Gaza and Lebanon in retaliation for the hundreds of rockets that have been launched towards Israel. A few more accurate reports like that and I might consider reinstating my generous donations to NPR.