Save your ears!

The Apple iPod is one of my favorite gadgets. I currently own my second iPod, and I have given iPods as gifts to my mother and wife. Everyone who owns one loves it. I see people wearing the signature earbuds everywhere – on the street, on the train, in the plane.

And that’s the problem. We listen to our iPods in order to drown out the din of everyday life. But when you’re listening in a noisy environment, the natural tendency is to turn up the volume in order to block out the external sounds. Don’t do this – you’re killing your ears!! Instead, spend a bit of money on noise blocking earphones or noise cancelling headphones. By reducing the external noise, you can listen to your music at a lower volume level and save your ears.

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One Comment on “Save your ears!”

  1. bcj. Says:

    Freaky. I was just going on-line to look at noise-cancelling options and I found your post & link.

    What are you using? Any experience with good, better or best?

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