CES ramblings

During the Consumer Electronics Show this week, every gadget afficionado like me is listening for the Next Great Thing. The problem is that I am seeing a lot of the same tired old things. Who cares if Google or Yahoo or someone else is doing a partnership with ABCNNMSNBCBS? What everyone wants is a way to get music or video, watch when we want, take it along on your ipod. Period.

I heard a great soundbite on the radio this morning. Someone said that half of the HDTVs in use today aren’t even connected to a high definition source. So people are spending thousands of dollars in vain: standard definition looks no better or even worse on a high definition TV. The commentator suggested that the average person finds it too difficult to get everything to interconnect. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Time for another plug for one of my favorite books: The Inmates Are Running the Asylum.

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