Take my money, please!

Today I walked into a well-known professional photo shop in downtown San Francisco. I was looking for three accessories, worth about $150: a particular model of Tamrac camera bag, an Expodisc white balance filter, and a Canon EW-73B lens hood. Both the bag and the lens hood are standard products.

The clerk barked at me that the camera bags were in the back room. When I told him that I had already looked there and didn’t find any from my desired manufacturer, he implied that I must be an idiot and walked back with me. Sure enough, they had only two bags out of Tamrac’s giant catalog of hundreds. Same story for the other two products. I walked out without spending a penny.

I cannot figure out why a store makes you feel like a nuisance for actually wanting to shop from them. I now know that I need to take my business to Keeble & Shuchat in Palo Alto or B&H in New York, and I will take great pleasure when that other store goes out of business. Good riddance!

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