Second craziest trip

I just took my second craziest trip: a 24-hour trip to Washington DC. I flew out on the Sunday redeye, spent all day in the office, had dinner with my brother, and took the last flight home back to the west coast. 4818 miles in 26 hours.

My craziest trip ever was for my brother’s engagement party. I was in France on business, so I flew from Paris to Chicago on Saturday afternoon, went to the party on Sunday afternoon, and flew back to Paris on Sunday evening. 8304 miles in 45 hours.

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2 Comments on “Second craziest trip”

  1. NS Says:

    All that great mileage, but only on Air France! Who’s their partner anyway?

  2. greg Says:

    Friends don’t let friends fly Air France. I Fly the Friendly Skies, or occasionally their Star Alliance partners.

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