The BS of BS

I just watched the episode of Penn & Teller Bulls— about secondhand smoke. They argue that the link between secondhand smoke and cancer is based on poor science. Is this the only thing that matters? There are enough other health risks to smoke that justify the bans on public smoking.

But when the smoking proponents started blowing their own BS, where were Penn & Teller? One smoker whined that activists will start arguing that people should not eat fattening foods. Another whined that he might not be able to smoke in his own home. If you eat fattening foods, your foods do not enter my bloodstream! If you smoke in your home, I don’t breathe your smoke. They’re arguing about liberties, but your liberties end where mine begin. Your right to smoke violates my right to breathe fresh air.

I think smoke has clearly gotten to the brains of the smokers. But I’m even more disappointed that Penn & Teller didn’t challenge these absurd claims. For shame.

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4 Comments on “The BS of BS”

  1. bcj. Says:

    Doesn’t one of them smoke? I feel like I’ve seen Penn with a cigarette now and then. Maybe I just don’t know what I’m talking about.

  2. greg Says:

    I have seen Teller smoke, I’m not certain about Penn. I don’t care if others want to smoke as long as they don’t smoke around me or my family.

    You don’t smoke in public, and I won’t fart in public. Fair deal, eh?

  3. SergeiRostov Says:

    The study they cite does contain many methodological and other errors, BUT the errors are ones which have the effect of producing a far LOWER cancer rate than the decades of previous, well-done studies; in other words, they’re deliberately using a form of straw-man argument in an attempt to trick their viewers into thinking that there is no science behind anti-seconhand-smoke laws. I say ‘deliberately’ because a quick look at the Surgeon General’s report for 1987 will point you to the phrase (paraphrasing), "studies show a link between secondhand smoke and cancer of [such-and-such], correlating with previous studies". There are in fact over 200 studies which debunk P&T’s claim.


    p.s. greg: old Steve Martin jokes – gotta love ’em.

  4. Sergei Rostov Says:

    Addendum: Notice the "sources" they


    A bartender;

    Elizabeth Whelan, MD/paid industry shill;

    Larry Elder, A right-wing talk-radio DJ who spends his spare time impersonating a judge.

    A special note: Even Dr. Whelan gives an extensive list of secondhand smoke’s health effects on her website at http://www.thescooponsmokin

    including lung cancer(!). And yet P&T somehow manage to quote (read: edit) her

    into saying the _opposite_.


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