All Pope, all the time

Is this the only story in the news? If only 20% of the world is Catholic, that means that 80% of the world is not. Why is the death of the Pope the only story in the news? Why does CNN International (yes, I’m travelling again…) have 24-hour coverage of the death of the Pope? When he was dying last week, the media was covering the story for days. Sorry to be insensitive, but it reminds me of the stereotypical opera where the lead is dying but has the strength to sing a 15 minute aria.

I admire what the Pope did for world freedom. But the man was in very poor health and I’m sure he’s resting in peace now. Can we get some relief, too?

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3 Comments on “All Pope, all the time”

  1. NS Says:

    Catholicism is still the world’s single largest religion according to your link. If this was an election, they’d get the plurality and win!

  2. greg Says:

    So you’re saying we need a non-Christian coalition?

  3. NS Says:

    I dunno if they’d be enough. Are Xtians a majority or merely a plurality?

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