User interaction: the simple differences

As you may already know, I am a giant fan of Alan Cooper. I was thinking of him in the context of digital cameras.

My wife has a Kodak EasyShare CX7430 digital camera. One of the things that Kodak really got right is the power switch, which is on the same dial that controls the mode setting. In other words, when you turn on the camera, you are forced to select whether you are going to take a portrait, a landscape, a night shot, etc. The camera then makes the appropriate adjustments. You never forget to leave the camera in the previous settings, and your photos always look their best. Simply brilliant.

Only problem is that the Kodak cameras don’t have the snob appeal of the other brands, so they don’t have as many sales. And that’s a shame.

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3 Comments on “User interaction: the simple differences”

  1. NS Says:

    I have yet to buy a digicam. The whole being brown and taking pictures this decade thing had be deferring the purchase, but I might be ready to risk jail soon.

    Suggestions? Reviews?

  2. greg Says:

    You can’t go wrong with Kodak, Canon, or Sony. Kodak is the best, bar none, for easy-to-use, entry-level digital cameras. Canon are the best for the entusiast. Sony are well regarded and have the largest market share, though I have a problem with the proprietary memory stick technology.

  3. NS Says:

    What’s a good Kodak model with alot of value for money. I don’t know how much memory one needs, etc …

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