Who beat Ken Jennings?

Ken Jennings is the best player ever in Jeopardy! But after an unprecedented 74-game winning streak, he lost in a contest aired this evening. While I congratulate winning contestant Nancy Zerg, after seeing the episode I believe that Ken is a much stronger player and he simply didn’t play his best that episode. Ken has an amazing range of knowledge, good intuition, and lightning-fast reflexes on the signaling button. The fact that Ken is humble and charming is a bonus. I look forward to seeing him again next year in the Tournament of Champions.

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One Comment on “Who beat Ken Jennings?”

  1. amy g Says:

    I’m not sure he’s the best player ever. He is certainly great, but how would he stack up to other contestants before the rule changes? Would someone else have a longer win streak if they weren’t limited to five games? What about the doubling of the dollar values? I’d love to see him play against Frank Spankenberg. That would be quite a duel.

    I also agree, he lost because he had a bad day, not because the other contestant was better.

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