Don’t insult the buyer’s intelligence

The most frustrating thing as a consumer is when the vendor insults your intelligence. This morning, one of our long-time customers was complaining that their new sales rep was wasting their time with asking basic questions, like titles, budget, etc. They have already bought a half million dollars worth of software, and the new sales rep is doubting whether they have funds to pay for more?

Just now, I called my mobile phone provider to get the unlock codes so that I can use a different SIM card while traveling. First, I get their phone tree which absolutely requires you to enter your phone number and social security number before you can reach a rep. When you finally reach a support rep, the first thing they do is ask for your account number and social security number! Don’t you already have it??

I told the rep I wanted to unlock my phone, and the rep told me that my two-band phone will not work internationally. I said that her information was wrong and that a two-band or tri-band phone will work. And I have used it on dozens of trips to Europe. She still reminded me that I’ll need a new phone. At least she agreed to give me the codes when I insisted.

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3 Comments on “Don’t insult the buyer’s intelligence”

  1. NS Says:

    Heh. Who’s your provider this year?

  2. greg Says:

    T-Mobile. I have been very satisfied with them and have been a customer for 19 months already, an unusually long amount of time. This is unusual.

  3. NS Says:

    I’m on Tmobile too! As is the rest of my family, which means that with free mobile to mobile, we’re sitting pretty.

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