Designing for Imelda

I can understand the marketing reason for planned obsolescence for durable goods. People generally replace cars because they want one, not because they need one. But for goods with a short lifespan?

Just this week, I realized I need new running shoes. I discovered that my favorite Nike Air Structure Triax have been “improved” by reducing the Structure. And this isn’t the first time this has happened — I used to be fiercely loyal to my Avia 2050’s, then Mizuno Wave Foundation. Both have been long discontinued, and their replacements are a poor substitute.

So now I’m on a quest to find as many pairs of 8.5 Air Structure Triax as I can find. I have bought two, and I have a bid on eBay for a third. That’s about all that will last, but in 18 months I will be back to the point of needing to find new shoes.

I think the next time I find a good shoe, I am going to watch the manufacturer carefully and stock up at the time they discontinue my beloved running shoes.

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