Happy employees

Still fuming over the travel approval incident, I realized that it takes just two simple principles to have happy, productive employees:

  1. Show them that you appreciate good work through praise and fair salary.
  2. Provide them all reasonable tools to do the job effectively.

Cut the pointless picnics, tiresome all-hands-meetings, and company logo T-shirts. Stick to the basics.

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2 Comments on “Happy employees”

  1. NS Says:

    The purpose to a large picnic is to create casualt acquaintceships between people so that they then feel more comfortable talking to each other in work settings since they already know each other. It’s about creating small world networks. It’s necessary at a large company.

    In a small company, I guess a picnic can build morale, as long as its a once a year thing …

    But at a medium size company? People know each other casually but not well, a picnic aint gonna change anything …

  2. greg Says:

    Except that it’s not organic – you feel an obligation to go and spend your precious free time with work associates, rather than relaxing or spending time with family. Want a social occasion? Have pizza delivered periodically and have people socialize around free pizzas and drink. It doesn’t consume personal time, and it fits with the workday.

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