Hybrids when?

I just read that Ford unveils Hybrid SUV. Unveils? Didn’t they unveil it years ago? Didn’t Ford demonstrate the Hybrid Escape at last year’s auto shows? While Detroit has been promising hybrids, Japan has been delivering. People have been paying above the sticker price for the 2004 Prius. People are waiting in line to purchase hybrids, instead of waiting in line at the gas pump to fill a Suburban Excursion.

It kind of reminds me of the 1950’s-style “World of Tomorrow” where we will all have Jane Jetson-style picturephones. Where are they today? Nothing but empty promises.

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One Comment on “Hybrids when?”

  1. David Gordon Says:

    I’m still enjoying my ’02 Prius. Almost 30000 miles, 3 trips to Southern California, 1 trip to Reno and still going strong with 45 mpg.

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