France fights obesity

I was intrigued by this article about new measures to fight obesity in France. The most interesting involve junk food. One idea is to put health warning labels on junk food. The other is to put a tax on junk food. Both of these measures have worked in the USA to reduce cigarette smoking, and they’re a great way to reduce junk food consumption.

You might be thinking that the French have better food to eat. True. But lately, I have been seeing more and more crowds at McDonald’s and other fast food establishments. As another article says: “The United States still leads the world in the rate of obesity, but France and Germany are gaining on us. The World Health Organization ranks obesity as the 10th most important health problem today.” Instead of raising our food standards, we are lowering theirs. Quel dommage.

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5 Comments on “France fights obesity”

  1. NS Says:

    The french need their own fast food. Maybe Crepes-2-go, or something like Tom Thumbs pies in Noe Valley …

  2. butter baller Says:

    yo, dem mc chickens is bang’n!!!

  3. Chubsy ubsy Says:

    i dont like fat people

  4. American SAC Says:

    Obesity is an adjective; it doesn’t have to describe you.

  5. perfectly obese teen Says:

    im just interested to know what kind of figure you have when your so interested about everyone else being fat!!!

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