My new hobby

In February, I read about a new package from MCI called The Neighborhood. For “one low price”, you can get unlimited local, long-distance, and DSL service. We would save about $35 per month on the plan. To avoid losing our current DSL service, I decided to activate a new phone line and get that line converted to MCI. I was told that it would take up to two weeks to get service from MCI.

Well, six weeks have passed, and the only thing I can get from MCI is polite apologies and empty promises to investigate things. Each time I call to investigate, I am told that everything will be fixed in two weeks. It’s more like waiting for Godot.

So how many more weeks do I give MCI before I give up and file a complaint with the California PUC or file a lawsuit for advertising a non-existent product?

Isn’t deregulation wonderful?

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