Booby prize

I feel like the only one in the US who thinks the whole Janet Jackson superbowl flash is a bit, er, overexposed. First, it is a terrible double standard. We embrace the titillating fact that sex sells, yet we are offended when we see a barely naked breast? Get real.

Why is graphic violence OK and nudity offensive? In Europe, it’s just the opposite: graphic violence is offensive and brief nudity is OK. Which will have a greater effect on children?

The only thing offensive to me is the thought of Michael Jackson’s naked breast.

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One Comment on “Booby prize”

  1. Not danimal Says:

    As I blogged elsewhere, we also didn’t see any more of her breast than we see on the beach / on MTV.

    Personally, I think that Michael Powell just wanted to draw fire away from his Dad so he’s stirring up trouble elsewhere … [Right wing groups go — shit, this WMD thing isn’t going away. First Kay and now Powell. What we need is … a cultural crisis. That’s right, let’s bring the Jacksons into this]

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