No longer recommended

I am sorry, but I must withdraw my endorsement of Spam Interceptor. This service is too unreliable to be recommended. The idea of combining a filter with challenge-response is great, but the implementation is not good. A 1+ day email outage per month is intolerable. And good luck trying to reach them when the service is unavailable. If your phone or electricity were unavailable for 1+ day per month, you’d say that the service was as bad as a 3rd world nation. Why should we tolerate that in computers?

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3 Comments on “No longer recommended”

  1. Dac Says:

    Sorry to hear about your disappointment,

    but do you pay $9.99 a year for your phone or electric service? The service is less than 4 months old, give them a break.

    FYI the problem was fixed.

  2. greg Says:

    I hold everyone to a high standard, regardless of price. McDonald’s may be cheaper than a steakhouse, but that doesn’t give them the right to sell inedible or tainted meat. Southwest Airlines may be cheaper than American, but they have no right to fly unsafe aircraft. Why should we hold mission-critical email to a lower standard?

    The problem with Spam Interceptor is not just the reliability. It is the combination of unreliability and responsiveness.

  3. NS Says:

    On a different topic. Gregory when will you be adding RSS syndication to your site? It’ll be especially useful as you update occassionally, and that way my RSS reader can just grab your new content. As is, I check at random.

    What’s in it for you? Geek points, of course. What more do you want ?

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