A classic travel rant

Written on Tuesday afternoon.

I’m sitting at 33,000 feet on an American Airlines flight. I don’t usually fly American but they were far more convenient for this trip.

Right in front of me is a deactivated air phone. Finally, someone realized that virtually no one uses this service. It has to be a really urgent situation to warrant paying $3-5 per minute rather than waiting until landing. And the international satellite service is an astounding $10 per minute! Now that the wealthiest individuals travel by private jet, there are too few passengers willing to pay for this extravagance. I’m sure it will be the same situation when the airlines introduce in-flight internet for the same price as a month of dialup!

The airlines seem to be among the worst in giving good value for the money. In general, I am usually willing to pay extra for a special product or improved service. But there is a limit. I would be very willing to pay a 30% premium for first class service just like the trains in Europe. But I’m not willing to pay ten times the economy rate for a first class airline seat. Is it any wonder that the first class section of most airplanes is filled with airline employees and frequent flier upgrades?

P.S. Note to the greasy guy next to me — if you keep elbowing me, maybe you can catch my cold.

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One Comment on “A classic travel rant”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Your cold is particularly nasty. I would not wish that on an enemy, much less a greasy guy stuck for hours on a plane with not much personal space for either of you.

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