New car fever

Two weeks ago, Mrs. G and I bought our new car for the decade, a Volvo V70. Most parts of the Volvo shopping experience were pretty good, except price “negotiation”.

I have done well every time I plan carefully before I get into a bargaining situation. But that doesn’t mean I enjoy it. On one hand, you can avoid the situation entirely thanks to one-price buying clubs and internet vendors. But you have to go back to old fashioned haggling if you want to get the best price possible. Fortunately, you can find useful price data on the internet if you are willing to dig around. In our case, I spent hours calculating the real cost thanks to Edmunds and The Motley Fool. I figured that we would get our best deal on one of the remaining 2003 models. And we did eventually get an outstanding price. But the dealer’s first offer was insultingly bad. And we still had to play the “honey let’s go” game before I got a fair price. Ugh.

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One Comment on “New car fever”

  1. David Gordon Says:

    Hey Amy and Greg,

    Congratulations on getting your new car!

    I’m very familiar with the "honey, let’s go" game. Of course, before I married Shelly, I played the "abruptly I walk out without saying anything" game.

    Take care.

    – David

    See my new E-mail address. I finally got DSL.

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