Give police a chance

On August 19, the Palestinian cease-fire was shattered when another terrorist bombed a crowded bus in Jerusalem. Eighteen civilians were killed and over a hundred were wounded; many were children. Terrorists carried out this vicious attack despite a Palestinian cease-fire.

Shortly thereafter, Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas ordered police to arrest militants behind the bombing. In other words, Abbas finally committed to the right thing: to treat these murderers as criminals instead of “freedom fighters”. This wasn’t a limp condemnation of violence but true action to seek justice and deter future attacks. However, Israel responded the following day with another round of “targeted executions”. In other words, Israel acted before the Palestinian Authority had a chance to react.

In the words of Tevye the Milkman, “If everyone lived by ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth,’ the world would be blind and toothless.” Seems like there are a lot of blind Israelis and toothless Palestinians today. A law-abiding society can lead to lasting peace, but quid-pro-quo attacks will not. Shame on Israel for not waiting. If Abbas proved powerless, at least Israel would be able to show the world that they gave Abbas a chance. And the situation would be no worse than before.

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