A real solution to spam: Follow the money

Herbal vyagra! Lose weight! Make money! Watch me undress! Girls waiting to meet you! None of these scams can be advertised through the U.S. Mail, but they thrive in cyberspace.

There is no way to stop people from sending unsolicited email. Any U.S. regulations can be easily circumvented by moving to computers outside the U.S. But it can be stopped at the ultimate source: follow the money.

At the end of the money trail, most of these scammers lead right back to the World’s Largest Economy. Someone in America is out there selling Herbal Vyagra [sic], a Get Rich Quick scheme, fad diets, or porn. Hit them where it hurts — in the wallet — and you will see a huge reduction in spam. It won’t be perfect — we will still hear from mr. madu frank, who has millions to share from a Nigerian bank account. But stopping the beneficiaries of spam will be extremely effective.

While we wait for congress to figure this out, there is something you can do today: install an antispam filter on your server or SAProxy on your Windows computer.

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