Anatomy of a Harry Potter book

Harry is tormented by the Dursleys. Harry is saved when he leaves for Hogwart’s. Harry starts classes: Malfoy teases him, Snape intimidates him. There’s a new teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry flounders in classes but is strong on the Quiddich field. Something strange happens at Hogwart’s. Harry and Ron investigate despite the protests of Hermione. Harry discovers that Voldemort is behind the incidents and that the new Dark Arts teacher is involved. Harry, Ron, and Hermione solve the problem and are gently reprimanded by Hogwart’s officials. THE END – until next year…

Bottom line: it was a good story the first time, but it’s time for a new plot.

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One Comment on “Anatomy of a Harry Potter book”

  1. dragon queen Says:

    year i guess, but other stuff happeneds with new people and that and dont complan about malfoy, if it was’nt 4 him the rest of the year would be complete BORING! and of course hes cute in the films!

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