Browser Wars, 2003

Remember Mosaic? Netscape? Maybe not. Nearly everyone uses Microsoft Internet Explorer today. Why? First, over 97% of computers are running Microsoft Windows. Second, as usual, Microsoft was aggressive: they first made Internet Explorer free, then improved it beyond the competition, and finally integrated it into Windows.

I like Internet Explorer. But now I have found a great new toy: K-Meleon. It is based on the Mozilla code, which is the open-source version of Netscape. But it is fast, light, and nimble, as opposed to the feeping creaturism that has plagued both Internet Explorer and Netscape/Mozilla.

K-Meleon is free – why not give it a try! However, if you use version 0.7, make sure you install Service Pack 1. I found the basic install to be pretty unstable, but I found few problems after installing the service pack.

Will I make K-Meleon my default browser? I’m not sure, but I can say that I’m posting this entry from K-Meleon!

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