Finally, a usable blog system

In my initial rant, I complained that there isn’t a usable blog system. I finally found one: Nucleus. It requires PHP and mySQL, so I had to upgrade our web hosting package to add database support. However, it was easy to setup and easy to use. I have converted all the old Blogger entries. I am actually using Nucleus as a “content management system” (CMS) for the entire website to simplify editing other entries. Nucleus just works!

In the process, I found a great website: opensourceCMS. This is a site that hosts all the major CMS packages for you to try before you configure. What a great idea! I have to say that Mambo is also very impressive, but I wanted a system that was primarily a weblog, not a pure content management system. If I wanted to get a corporate website up and running quickly, I would definitely look into Mambo.

The lesson here is that sometimes it is hard to choose good software today in the internet era. Of course you expect a good demo website. The real question is what is it like to use. The opensourceCMS site does a great job of showcasing a variety of packages. Maybe there are or will be similar systems for other applications.

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